There’s nothing like the sound of a screamin reel and a bent over rod as a King Salmon dives deeper, you’re hooked up! And from this point on, it’s likely your hooked-on salmon fishing in Alaska. Our light tackle gear will give you the fight of a lifetime no matter what species of salmon is on the end of your line. In May/June we are typically targeting the King (Chinook) Salmon, the largest of all the salmon who put up quite the fight. During the months of July and August our focus is likely to be the Coho (Silver) Salmon. These silver bullets are sure to put even the most experienced anglers to the test. Often darting rapidly and jumping out of the water, they never give up without a fun fight. It’s not uncommon to hook into two, three, or more simultaneously, creating what we like to call organized chaos. While hooking these Cohos may seem like the only task, getting these fish netted and into the boat before they shake your hook is an even greater challenge. And that’s how we troll, at 49th Fathom Charters.




Hit the weight room lately? If not you may want to before dropping your line deep for this infamously large flat bottom fish, the Pacific Halibut. These barn doors range between 10-400+ pounds. Every summer they rise from ocean depths of over 1,000 feet to as little as 50 feet in search of bait fish to feast on in our local waters. Once hooked, these strong swimmers can provide a great challenge as they fight you back to the bottom. Depending on where the halibut are, we typically fish in depths ranging from 100-400 feet. It’s also possible to pick up rockfish, cod, flounder and other fun creatures while fishing at these depths.  The regulations for the size and amount of halibut each person is allowed to retain on a charter change each year. Let us take you 49 Fathoms deep, just for the halibut.